Estate and Long term Care Planning

Sales Training System for Long Term Care Planning

Discover the effective way to sell long-term care planning in your law firm. Start the relationship from the moment you meet your client, accelerate success and overcome all obstacles to conclude your transaction quickly. Your Long Term Care Sales Training System Plan will include Julie's original kit and her recent update! Do not miss this limited time offer! It's also interesting to learn more about tax exemption and the different ways to reduce your taxes with tax loopholes. For this there are many solutions like Pinel law. You can visit our wabsite's partner who speak about : niche fiscale. The latter allows tax exemption by investing in new real estate. You will reduce your taxes significantly with this method. There are others, especially in the old. This is the case of the Malraux law which allows to tax up to 30% of the amount of work invested in an eligible property, a hell of a tax cut. And for the Pinel law it is between 12 and 21% tax reduction on your investment.

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meeting about Niche Fiscale in France

Meet your speakers for tax loopholes

Julie is a B.S. lawyer in gerontology. An important part of his practice at Steinbacher Law, P.C. is the right of seniors. Her practice focuses on estate and long-term care plans. Before becoming a lawyer, Julie was employed by AARP and worked as a social worker at Valley View Nursing Center.

Julieanne Steinbacher, Attorney and Gerontologist

She has been a speaker at the Penn State Tax Institute and Tax Week, the PICPA-Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the PA Chapter of the National Association of Tax Practitioners-PA, the Pennsylvania Society of Public Accountants, and the University. from Illinois. But this is not the only solution for tax exemption, you can invest in student residences if you are really interested. This tax exemption solution is called the Censi-Bouvard law. Eligible goods that are residences of services must be targeted. The goal is to push for the construction of this type of residence in cities that have too much rental demand in the student community, in particular.

Advantages of law exemption

The advantage of tax exemption with this tax niche is the fact that you do not have to take care of all the renting part which is very time consuming. In the other interesting tax loopholes there is also the law Historical Monuments which is close to the Malraux law. But in any case you have to be French.

Learning objectives for tax exemption

The participant needs to be aware of the issues and concerns associated with the older population that require prior planning and care.

Adrianne Stahl

Adrianne J. Stahl, Esquire, has been with Steinbacher Law, PC for the past five years and is currently serving as the District Attorney and Estates and Office Manager. Adrianne is a graduate of Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, majoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice and minor in Sociology / Anthropology. She graduated with honors from Widener University Law School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she was a Pennsylvania Law Writer on the Widener Law Journal's Board of Directors. At the Widener University School of Law, Adrianne obtained a Certificate in Law and Government Institute, as well as the Outstanding Law Student and Government Prize and the President of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa. Widener. Adrianne is published in the Law Law Journal of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and in the Widener Law Journal. Adrianne lives in the Williamsport area with her husband and daughter.

Other informations

The participant will have a broad overview of how to help people plan their retirement years carefully in order to avoid many of the problems predicted by the impending nationwide crisis in the care of the elderly. The participant will be able to identify the myriad of options available for long-term care by presenting alternative alternatives to nursing home care.

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